H3C Certified Network Engineer (H3CNE)

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        The H3CNE certification mainly focuses on the planning, design, configuration, and maintenance of small- and medium-sized networks. This H3CNE certification demonstrates a comprehensive, in-depth understanding of data communications networking, mastery of technologies commonly adopted in small- and medium-sized enterprise networks, and ability to design small- and medium-sized networks using H3C network equipment.

        H3C Certified Network Engineer (H3CNE) Certification is awarded to those who need to plan, design, deploy and maintain networks for small-to-medium enterprises. You will be validated for your comprehensive knowledge of communication networks, your ability to design SME networks, and to use H3C network equipment to realize your plans.

        H3CNE certification target participants:

        • Engineers and IT managers engaged in networking for SMEs in all industries
        • College students majoring in computer technology
        • Networking enthusiasts who want to fully understand and master basic, general networking technologies
        • Persons interested in technical and sales roles in the communications industry
        • H3C agents’ engineers
        • H3C certification trainers
        • H3C network product O&M personnel

        The following are eligible for H3CNE Certification:

        • Network engineers and IT management professionals in small to medium enterprises
        • Computer and Engineering students in college or other tertiary education
        • Networking enthusiasts who want to gain broad entry-level networking knowledge and general skills
        • Technical and sales persons interested in pursuing careers in telecommunications sales
        • Engineers working for H3C retailers and partners
        • H3C certification trainers
        • H3C network equipment maintenance engineers and operators
        How to obtain
        the H3CNE certification?
        Application process
        Review certification prerequisites
        H3CNE has no advanced certification prerequisites
        Complete recommended training
        Training programs recommended for H3CNE certification are:
        • Constructing Small and Medium–Sized Enterprise Networks V7.0
          Upon completing this training, you will have an understanding of: computer network communications and TCP/IP protocols; the workings of routers and switches, router and switch configuration. You will be able to describe, configure, and maintain the major LAN and WAN protocols; to describe and configure IP routing and routing protocols; to install, configure, and maintain low-end and mid-range routers; and to troubleshoot network connections and router software configurations.
        Learn exam requirements
        • You will be awarded the certificate for passing the following exam: GB0-191 Constructing Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Networks
          GB0-191 Constructing Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Networks
        Register for exam

        The exam for the H3CNE certification is arranged by PROMETRIC, please visit www.prometric.com for details of exam venues and en-rollment procedures.

        Validity and recertification
        Candidates who pass the GB0-191 exam will be awarded a unified H3CNE certificate issued by H3C, valid for three years. Upon expiry, candidates must re-enroll for a H3CNE certification exam providing a higher level of certification, such as H3CSE Routing & Switching.